Types of Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT):
Is a highly specialized form of massage treatment that focuses on injured or traumatized tissue as a result of a blow to the tissue, as in sports injury, motor vehicular accident or fall, or muscle sprain/strain due to overuse. Whether it is acute or chronic pain, the approach of neuromuscular massage therapy to injured muscle tissue is to decrease the spasms within the injured site and surrounding muscles using specific pressure to interrupt the neuro-firing thus reducing the contraction and alleviating the pain while ridding the site of toxic build-up, AND, it does not have to hurt.

Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR):
Addresses the connective tissue, the fascia, of the body; that tissue that lifts and supports, runs through and encompasses the entire internal environment. By allowing the body to give way to its holding patterns using compression or decompression followed by prolonged stretch to the site, the therapist assists the patient in releasing tension and trapped toxicity, thereby increasing range of motion and flexibility in most cases.

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage:
All massage is therapeutic and relaxing. Addressing a client's needs and concerns supports the healing of the body on many levels. Showing equal care and concern for the client's condition, a uniquely specific treatment session may provide that much-needed relief to tired, sore muscle tissue.

Pregnancy and Infant Massage:
Massage is for Everybody! Special sessions are formulated around the three trimesters, the nine-month time frame that is unique to a woman who is pregnant. Sessions are gentle, specific and effective. And when Baby arrives, massage for baby is a wonderful way to stimulate the growth of the myelin sheath that encases the nerves, as well as support of bonding mother and child in a deeper, more profound way.


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